Storage Tips

Preparing ahead of time can make a tough job much easier. The following tips for storing your belongings might save you time and effort.

  1. Take apart as many things as possible. Things take up less space if disassembled.

  2. Use the same size boxes or totes whenever possible, they stack better and create efficient use of space.

  3. Pack boxes orderly and FULL. Partially empty boxes are a waste of space and can collapse from any weight put on top of them. Always stack lighter boxes on top of the heavier boxes.

  4. Label each box with its contents. Identify which room the contents of the box belongs in, it makes unpacking easier.

  5. Place electronics in the back of your unit, away from the door to protect them.

  6. Protect furniture by covering them with plastic or paper. (Just be sure not to seal them airtight, as this may trap humidity and cause mildew.) Use cardboard or a wooden pallet on the floor. Using a pallet allows for airflow to prevent condensation.

  7. Place important papers and documents in one box and store it near the door for easy access.